Kathy Casa,

Kathy Casa has been involved in Real Estate and Real Estate Education for more than 22 years. She is able to apply that knowledge to the advantage of both her clients and students which helps them lead the industry in all measurable outcomes. It is her firm belief that education is the key to success, and she tirelessly pursues those goals, achieving unprecedented results.

Kathy studied education and business at Dominican College, Orangeburg NY. After graduation she continued her education on the graduate level at New York Institute of Technology, Westbury, NY.
She has years of success classroom teaching and moved on to specialize in adult learning and Real Estate Professional Education. She is accomplished as a content creator, subject matter expert, and presenter. Her students enjoy her engaging and informative seminars immensely returning for multiple topics. This is why the most discerning professionals contact Kathy Casa time and time again. She has been a top performer in multiple markets consistently since 2001.

Kathy Casa applies a very simple philosophy, “knowledge is power”. She is unrelenting in sharing that knowledge to the benefit of all. Both students and clients appreciate that she knows how to fit every piece of the real estate puzzle together.

Kathy’s reputation for negotiation and professionalism makes her among the most referred real estate agents on the east coast. She now offers seminars to real estate professionals, and to “teach the teacher” how to bring her high standards to all. She likes to say she has built her network “one friend at a time” Her clients are her best marketing. That's why everyone you meet has a "Kathy Casa story" and call her “My best friend in real estate”.
• 25+ Years creating successful real estate agent strategy for clients
• Recognized as a national instructor on the topics

Her past clients will not make a move without her. Repeat business means happy clients.
Kathy Casa covers real estate at all price points, from $250,000 condos to multi-million-dollar luxury homes and estates, she covers it all

“Our friends become our clients but more importantly our clients become our friends”
Kathy Casa

Let me show you the advantages of putting a "Lion in Your Corner."

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