Andrea Utt,

Hi. My name is Andrea. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a true-bread “southern girl”! I grew up “Blessing everybody’s heart” and drinking sweet tea while rocking on grandma’s front porch. I am a native of North Carolina and originate from Mount Airy, which is in Surry County. Mount Airy was made popular by the hit series, “The Andy Griffith Show”. They based the location of the show on a town called “Mayberry”. Which is where I call home. How fortunate I have been growing up in such a great community where on Sunday’s we were always in the church house, followed up with lunch at Grandmother’s with the entire family! I truly believe that time spent with family is priceless!

My background is in the Surry County School system. I was a substitute teacher for thirteen years. That led to me working with the elementary, middle, and high schools in the county. It has been very important to me to be a part of our children’s lives. I wanted to keep the same schedule as the boys, which allowed me to volunteer in the boys' classrooms, throw tons of classroom parties, and throw the BEST EASTER EGG HUNTS EVER! More importantly, be in the stands for all those games all those years! At the beginning of this year, I went on my Yoga/Spiritual journey for four months. I became a certified yoga instructor at the end of April 2023. It was a major personal goal of mine! I can honestly say the meditation and the discipline that I have now learned have helped me in my Real Estate Business tremendously! My love for home design, interior design, architecture, and older homes, and my passion for helping others is why I chose this great profession at Mitchell Prime Properties. With my knowledge of Surry County, Winston Salem, Charlotte, and Piedmont surrounding areas, I feel that I have developed skills that can be of value to you when you need a Real Estate professional. Whether representing the buyer or seller, I am committed to obtaining the ‘Best Deal” for my clients. Genuine concern for my clients is my main responsibility as an agent.

You can count on my loyalty to represent you in the best way! Choosing the right home for you and your family is one of the most unique and exciting experiences one can embark on in life. This may also be one of the most challenging. Everyone has their requirements when it comes to finding their dream home; some want a location close to their child’s school while others may want to be close to a park. Some may want downtown while others long for more land. I factor all of this in and I come up with a balanced plan for you. I look forward to helping you find your forever home!

Let me show you the advantages of putting a "Lion in Your Corner."

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